Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Dear Diary.... Er, I mean howdy there!

So, it's been a while since I posted and daaaaaaamn, has a lot changed. Let's see, where to start? Oh, yeah! I was fired from my job as a senior security engineer. Bummer, sure, but it seems to be the best thing that's happened to me in years.

I'd been unconsciously hating on technology jobs for, apparently, years. So, it came as a sort of relief when the company I previously worked for--they'll remain nameless, for reasons which will become clear in a second, scumbags that they are--let me go. It was actually pretty damn funny in many ways.

I'd decided that the tcpdump work I'd been doing was 1) boring as fuck and 2) not really what I wanted to be focusing on further in life (end of tech jobs, comin up!). So, I thought I'd tell my boss that I'd like to make a bit of a change and see if I could do more creative stuff. The company was always after me to do more jobs than I was currently doing--damn startup companies; to quote Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon, "I'm gettin to old for this shit"--so I thought I'd offer up my services for writing corporate documents and such. It filled me with an enthusiasm that I hadn't had in about five months (which, coincidentally, is when I started the job).

But I never got the chance; I got an ominous email: "Can you meet me in my office at 2:30?" Shit, I thought, having been through a number of lay-offs before, that sounds like a firing line if ever I heard one. So, I half-nervously, half-giddily started talking around the office that I was getting fired. Everyone I talked to--all five of them--thought I was paranoid. But, as they say, just cuz you're paranoid...

So, my boss whisks me into the conference room in the front of the office, where I'm seated across from him and the CEO. Now, the CEO, to say the least is off-putting. I didn't like him in the interview and he's just gotten more obnoxious to me as time has gone on. But, I digress... He looks at me and says, "well, it just hasn't been working out, so we're letting you go."

Wow. Who even knew we were dating? Just not working out? What kind of firing is that? But I guess I got off easy. I went through the paperwork and then sat calmly as my boss asked for all sorts of stuff. Standard information security firing: you leave immediately and someone watches over you as you clean out your personal shit....

Here's a link to commemorate the occasion.

Well, you'd think I had it made then, especially since it was Labor Day weekend. That's right, they let me go Labor Day weekend, specifically so they didn't have to pay me for the holiday weekend. There's a word for this kinda person or entity and I don't use it often, but here it is: cocksucker. Anyways, I'm figuring that I just apply for unemployment and have a little summer vacation. But no, they contest my unemployment, which simply delays it for three weeks. Cocksuckers.

So, I've spent the entire summer coming to grips with what it is I wanna do with my life and my time. I was working through this whole thing over the past year or so anyways, due to some stuff that happened in m personal life, but I put my "career" under the microscope over the summer and decided that I need to get outta tech in a bad way and back into something creative. I have a BA and an MFA in creative writing, after all. Why not finally do something with it?

Well, besides getting a nice tan and drunk most of the summer--man, who'da thunk that drinking and carousing the whole summer at 39 would put shit in perspective?--I've taken some steps to get further along in my dreams and desires. I've enrolled in a sommelier course as well as a voiceover acting course. Both start in about two weeks. I'm pretty pysched!

Oh, yeah. I also co-wrote--or co-edited, or something :)--a book for kids 7-14 on Pirates: Piratepedia. It comes out in January, so stay tuned for sales numbers!

I'll be getting back to reviews and such soon! Really!