Monday, February 19, 2007

Wine of The Week - February 19th, 2007

OK, I'll make this quick, cuz you really should run out and buy about as much of this stuff as you possibly can. This stuff isn't a port, really, as it's made in Australia (port can only be called by that name if it is produced around the city of Oporto, Portugal). It's a classic tawny, for sure. Aged eight years, this thing is complex, layered and friggin' DELICIOUS. It's also inexpensive as hell: $15.00 (even less if you buy it online).

My friend Richie summed this one up pretty perfectly: it's like a glass of flan. Creamy, seemingly viscous, with caramel and creme brulee flavors throughout. Delicious. I've found myself sitting down in the living room on a number of occasions with the bottle on the table, pouring out small glass after small glass, almost unconsciously (and no, I'm not an alcoholic; this stuff is so good, you just find yourself having more of it, without really noticing).

But here's the biggest indicator for me: I opened a bottle a few weeks ago for some friends who were over for dinner (there were six of us total) and the bottle was gone by the time everyone had left for the night. And every one of them kept asking me about the stuff: where to get it, how much it cost, could I get them a bottle, etc. And quite a few of them have gone out and picked up a bottle or two for themselves.

So, go out, find it and try some. Even if you think it sounds too sweet for you, it's really not. It's very balanced in terms of its flavors, alcohol and sweetness. Don't get me wrong; it's a port, it's just not the kind you've ever really had before.

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